Over the year I feel I have progressed enormously, my Photoshop and Illustrator skills have improved and I feel hugely confident in my work towards the end of term.

Production has been my strong point throughout my years of studying fashion but even in this area I feel I have progressed, I believe the standard of the garments I am producing has grown and I am more competent in pattern cutting and making.

My design and sketchbook work has always let me down in the past but this year my work has improved, I still struggle to fill sketchbooks and there are areas that seem scarce, but I do produce quality pages, and I think my theme shines through in my designs. I often struggle to create new and innovative designs and am a little bit stuck in designing what has been done before although I feel I improved on this in my FMP project, even though tailoring has been around forever, my designs combine different aspects of the original tailored suit but with an edgy side.

This being my first year using illustrator I think I have clicked with it quickly and efficiently. I found working in this way easy and creating design ideas was quick. Illustrator gives you the ability to copy and paste different parts of one design to create a whole new idea. Oppositely I have really struggled with Photoshop, it wasn’t until my last project that I fell I created some interesting and aseptically pleasing boards. In the past my work on Photoshop has looked juvenile and thrown together but now it has the professional feel I was trying to achieve.

Our first project; work based learning, required a 10 day work placement. I completed 15 days at House of Frasers head office, this was an amazing opportunity and has really opened my eyes to industry work. It was good to use a work placement to inspire a project and enjoyed this even though I found it difficult. My time keeping over the year has let me down and I think not having deadlines till the end of the year led me to believe I had more time than I did. If I was to redo this project I think I would still have the same outcome I am happy with my final garment and believe it is made well, but I would use my time better. My WBL sketchbook has some good, creative pages even though it isn’t as full as I would have liked it. Bearing in mind this isn’t one of my strong areas I think my sketchbook is strong and portrays my theme well.

For my final major project I choose a tailoring theme so I could really emphasise my abilities in pattern cutting, after researching this I decided to combine it with the modern Victorian look and a little inspiration from steampunk, I feel these all mix well together. This project is where I believe I did my best work on Photoshop, I am extremely happy with my mood board and my critique design boards. At the start of this project I found it hard to draw the jacket shapes I was picturing but after drawing a basic template found it easier to quickly complete a range of design ideas.

This year I think I have brought together all the skills I learnt over the years I have studied fashion and have completed some of my best work to date. Considering at the start of the year I was still fairly incompetent on Photoshop and Illustrator the work I have done certainly shows how much I have learnt. Looking back on previous work I can see my drawing, presentation, and garment making has drastically improved.

After this course I plan to leave education, over the summer I hope to obtain many work placements to help me decide what job I would like in the future and to give me work experience to boost my CV and hopefully help me find a permanent job in the future.



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