Initial ideas

Originally I wanted to do a tailoring project focussing on difficult pattern cutting techniques, but felt this is my last chance to create something extravagant so started researching what I could mix with tailoring designs. I liked the modern Victorian theme mixed with a few design ideas from Steampunk. I like the Steampunk style but I don’t want to take forward the metal and plastics they have in their clothes I want my designs to be very much wearable. And still reflect the tailoring side of my theme. I have researched a few trend forecasts for 2015, and I like the low cut necklines Vogue has online. I want to take this forward into my designs.
I intend to look at Next, Marks and Spencer and some high end tailoring shops for inspiration.
Tailoring will always be on trend so I feel my designs will fit into next season. My designs will be SS 2015, and to be top end high street.

I started to design waistcoats, shirts and jackets with skirts and a few trousers. I want my final outfits to have a sexy, Victorian feel but still look smart. I also want to have a contrasting lining in my garments.
My project is named ‘Modern Victorian’.

My Moodboard

fmp mood board final to print

I’m really happy with my moodboard, I think it is obvious to see what my theme is. I think I have progressed with photoshop since my WBL moodboard and this is evident in my FMP photoshop work. My colour scheme did progress slightly since this was produced but I have evidenced this in my sketchbook.
My designs are very similar, I need to find something to give my ideas something new and edgy to make them different from the standard tailored suit, I am going to research more into steampunk and see what shapes I can create from working on the stand.

FMP picture girls jacket inspiration

I found this picture on google images (www.trendhunter.com) this has really inspired some of my designs and I really want to use this sort of style for my collection. I want to take forward the modern take on a classic look and the low necklines that keeps propping up in my research. I like the square sleeves on the blue/grey jacket and want to look at ways to create this in pattern cutting books.

Modelling on the stand

I have looked at different shapes I can create for a skirt design and really like this look. I want to create a basic skirt shape but enhance it with gathering and pleats around the waistband and ruche it up at the front or sides to make it unique. I think these skirts with my jackets will make my outfits look new and give it the unusual tailored look I am after.

stand pictures

This is a drawing from my modelling on the stand I really like this skirt design and want to design from this to see what shapes I can create in this style.


Initial Inspiration Sketchbook Pages

skechbook page girl drawing and pictures

sketchbook page victorian writing

These sketchbook pages helped inspire many of my first design ideas, they have acted like second mood boards by helping me stick to my theme and reminding me of my intentions in this project. They also help viewers of my sketchbook see where my designs came from and my original inspiration.



My Critique with my class and tutors went well, I was happy with my designs but felt I needed more time to create more original ideas. My sketchbook started with simple shapes and styles and this is what I put into my critique designs, I need to find a way to make them more creative. I think the class saw this as well it was decided that I should go away and combine my critique designs and try and create new outfits. I do struggle with designing something completely original, so I did find this difficult.

My Critique Drawings

fmp crit design board

I decided to go straight into making my toile and I would then play around with it on the stand to see what new shapes I could create. I work a lot better in this way, I prefer to design with a garment in front of me rather than on paper. I choose a lovely shape for my collar and hem and added a ‘cape’ to my jacket which is perfect for showing of the contrasting lining colour, which is something I originally wanted. working on the stand is a great way to et lots of ideas out of your head at once, I am very slow with drawing a struggle to remember my ideas when designing on paper. I working this way in both projects this year and think it is a good way for me to work. I will continue to work this way in the future.

Further Designs In Sketchbook

sketchbook jacket page

sketchbook skirt designs

These are further pages from my sketchbook, the jacket designs I have taken from my inspiration and by looking at shapes that are common with the Victorian era and modern garments. My skirt designs have come from working on the stand, these are quick sketches of shapes I created with scrap fabric. I am struggling to draw the shapes I create and ones I have in my head, I will try to use Illustrator, Photoshop and maybe collage to make it look how I want.

I have decided to make a jacket and a waistcoat, with two similar skirts. My jacket and waistcoat will have the same shapes and fabric to help bring the collection together. I have decided to use a grey fabric with the same sort of weight as calico, with a burgundy/red lining for a contrast. I think the lining will look brilliant through the sleeves of the jacket onto the ‘cape’ and through to the back of the skirt through the ruching.

FMP Journal Continues In Journal Folder.




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