Initial Ideas.

From my work experience, at House of Fraser, I have chosen to take forward childrenswear aspects and put them into my womenswear designs. I was working closely with joules and like the overall style they have, I want to research their designs more and take common details from their garments and put them into my designs.

Initial notes made at placement.


I have called my project ‘a matter of contrast’ I want to use contrasting colours, buttons, threads, fabrics in my designs. I have started looking at colour theory for further inspiration.


I’ve been thinking about creating the same dress but either side would be a contrasting colour or pattern, or even one side with vivid colours and the other black and white? I have looked into dresses but want to create a jumpsuit, they remind me more of childrenswear and I think will be more of a challenge to make as I have made a few dresses in the past. Jumpsuits are always on trend so again think this is a good garment for my project.

Aqua Film

This is a textile process that allows you to create patterns with a sewing machine on a film, then once dissolved is can be stitched onto fabric or used as fabric. I wanted to use this for bit on my playsuit instead of printing. It felt more child-like so perfect for my designs.

Samples in sketchbook.


I really liked the effect you can achieve with aqua film but is very time consuming, and not very practical for what I wanted to use it for. In the future I would like to revisit this technique and try to use it more practically maybe trying it for small embellishments rather than big pieces of fabric. I have also revisited heat transfer this year I find it to be a very easy yet effective technique I was very happy with the results I achieved on a previous project but for my jumpsuit I couldn’t match the colours and it all looked a bit juvenile.

Samples in WBL folder

Heat transfer printing can be very effective but I don’t feel it is on this project. I would have had to change my colour pallet, and it is also a process I have done many times now so it is not very challenging for me.


WBL Critique





My critique went well and I liked my designs a lot but it was decided by the class that they were not very original, and was sent to combine my 4 designs to create something new and unseen before. I found this difficult, the playsuit has been designed so many times it is difficult to think up something completely original. I decided to start my pattern and design on the go, I made a basic playsuit with some aspects from my designs then put it on the stand I then started to design again by changing little bits of it whilst on the stand and then sketching. I found this a lot easier than just drawing on paper I could see how an idea would look before drawing it and I found I designed a lot quicker this way. I think this is how I will design in the future, create a basic garment and play with it on the stand it is a lot easier to create new and creative ideas rather than just sitting with a blank piece of paper.

Another big decision was my print placement, it was difficult to decide on a final combination and It was decided very last minute.


Illustrator working drawings




I really clicked with illustrator this year and have found it a lot easier to use than Photoshop.

I have struggled to catch up with examples though as I lost a lot of work whilst saved on the portal. In my next project I want to experiment mixing Photoshop and Illustrator together to create even better working drawings and boards. I work better drawing working drawings rather that illustrations so to add colour to things like these could look nice for final boards.


Overall my project has gone well, with the exception of my time keeping. My project has flowed well from my work placement to my final piece and I think my influences shine through. Taking ideas from a work placement is difficult as I had so many things I could have focused on but combining my placement ideas with my own project title gave my designs my own flare so they were not just joules rip offs. I really struggled with my initial designs and took up a lot of time on very little, but after I created a template on illustrator I was able to complete my designs surprising quickly, I believe this is the first project where I have been able to just change a tiny aspect in a design and not fret about it. I have finally grasped that this still makes a new design!

I found the making of my toile very easy and put it together in just a day. Being able to design from this made my designing even easier, I really enjoy working this way and intend to design like this in every project from now on. It was so simple just to grab scrap fabric and see how certain straps, sleeves or pockets would look!

My final print was screen printing, this was very time consuming as the screen had to be washed in between each print, I’m glad I took the time to complete it though I’m very happy with the outcome. My initial idea was to mix various colours in the print but settled for just 2, this was a good decision the print looks great and compliments the colours in the playsuit.

My Mood Board

Mood Board WBL

My Development Board

development board


Continues in Journal Folder


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